Mission Statement

It is my mission to help local small businesses compete with the big guys with an online presence that totally levels the playing field with local traffic and new local customers at an affordable price, with no monthly or recurring fees.

Another top priority - help solopreneurs or small businesses market products anywhere with an easy-to-use, extremely functional online store - at an affordable price with no monthly or recurring fees.

About Sunny Rivers, Owner of Fast Online Results

I am the facilitator of result-driven websites for small businesses or entrepreneurs built around your specific business needs. I am the liaison between your business dreams and a large production team that takes care of all the design details. We create websites that are:

  • visually appealing to your customers 
  • simple for your customers to use on mobile phones
  • based on the latest Google-friendly local business technology
  • designed to set you above your local competitors 
  • guaranteed to beat other web designer prices
  • without recurring fees and/or monthly costs 


From 2010 to 2015 I helped entrepreneurs and authors set up their online presence using WordPress for their website structure.  At the time, WordPress was easy for a non-techie person to use and provided an inexpensive means for an online presence.

But ease of operation came with an array of drawbacks over the long term. 

The end result - I became disillusioned with the resources available for me to offer clients, and eventually stopped seeking new clients.

What has changed?

2 years of a global pandemic has forced a change in how business is performed.  It was a time when some businesses experienced huge growth.  Other businesses shut their doors, never to reopen.  Most businesses that survived or grew had one thing in common - they adopted new online ways of doing business.

At the same time, in-store customers became online customers and liked the convenience.  And more important to note is how they shopped online - using mobile devices. Statistics show that over half the world's population relies on cell phones for online shopping. Many more shop from a tablet. 

The third factor is Google itself.  Voice-search gives website ranking based on proximity and context.  Older websites are not designed for this.  We use Google's latest criteria as the core foundation for our site structure.  It gives a small business a super-competitive edge with customers within their locale.  This component is missing in older websites.

All this change aided by modern technology and connecting with a tireless design team has allowed me to fervently return to my original goal back in 2011 - summed up in my mission statement. 

The changes in technology provide the exact resources I was looking for 10 years ago and I now have a team of designers that know how to take full advantage of the latest technology.

Businesses that will benefit the most:

Small businesses on a strict budget love our results-driven website formula. It is affordable, with no recurring or monthly fees.  Because our sites work seamlessly with Google voice search, it gives them a competitive edge.

Restaurants that don't have an online order system love the online ordering system we can provide.

Solo service providers such as plumbers, electricians, handymen, and contractors all can benefit at a fraction of the cost.

The list is long and varied. Click here to return to the home page where you can request a free proposal of service and see if we are a good fit for your business needs.