How to Make Technology Work for Business Growth

February 22, 2022
How to Make Technology Work for Business Growth

Technology in general is a very fluid thing.  It is constantly changing, supposedly getting better and better.  Online technology is doing the same thing.

If you are a local business that does not yet have a website, this changing technology can be of great benefit to you.  What do I mean?

Understanding the changes in technology

2+ years of global pandemic and lockdowns have caused a major shift in 3 main areas of online technology.  The first change directly affects the cost and affordability of a website.  

Even 2 years ago part of the cost of your website included monthly hosting fees, and most of the time web developers added maintenance fees to that figure.  In part, hosting fees were determined by the amount of bandwidth your website used up. Online storage space was expensive.

First: During the past 2 years, online storage has dramatically reduced in price, and innovative companies are now able to offer websites with no monthly hosting fees.  (If you already have a website-do not expect your monthly hosting fees will go away.) This is because hosting companies are built around an old system and that is how they make their money. The change would put them out of business.

Second: Google has changed the way it ranks site position in its listings. Part of that change is because marketers were figuring out ways to manipulate Google's system and taking unfair advantage of any loopholes.

Another reason for the change is the way people are accessing the Internet.  Well over half the global population is shopping online from their cell phones.  Why is this important to understand?  

Websites operate differently on a mobile phone than they do on your desktop computer.

Google decided that websites truly designed to give an A-1 performance on mobile phones would qualify for better ranking. Things that are important to Google are site load speed, ease of operation, and location. 

Of course, you know what happens if a site takes too long to load-you are on to the next site on the Google list. 

And have you ever gotten to a site where the text does not fit the screen properly and you have to constantly scroll?  You understand how frustrating that can be.

Location is another distinct Google feature that is causing people to do searches on their cell phones, instead of a desktop computer.  

Here's an example.  When people search for a restaurant, Google analyzes the mobile location and presents the closest restaurant first.  Can you see how this could improve traffic to your business?

Third:  The latest technology has simplified basic web design. That adds up to less labor and more flexibility.  That means a good-looking, functional website should be much more affordable. 

So what should all this mean to you and your business?

If you do not have a website, this change is a huge benefit, especially if your business is a start-up, operating on a shoestring budget.  

If you have an established website with high monthly or yearly expenses, switching web designers and getting a site remake based on the latest in technology might be something worth investigating. 

How much money could you save and put toward other business growth?  Plus you will be taking advantage of the latest Google benefits that may not apply to older sites.

And what can this really do for your business?

Now that you know how technology has changed, that gives you a buyer's advantage.

If you choose to work with us, your website is a single one-up affordable investment, with no recurring monthly fees.

Your website will be constructed according to Google's latest developments to:

  • get more leads 
  • draw more traffic 
  • increase your customer base 
  • see more profits 
  • and beat your competition

Which one of the above goals appeals to you the most?

And to top it off, your website cost is a straightforward, single affordable investment, with no hidden or monthly fees because we use all the newest technologies. 

Our next post will go into more detail about hiring the right web designer for your specific business needs. 

It will cover what to look for, and the best questions to ask.

As a small business owner:

  • if you VALUE your time...
  • If you want to adapt to new tech-savvy customer needs to grow your business...
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Take the time to discover how to use the latest technology to accelerate your path to serious results online!