Why Blog?

Why Blog?

Why do we ask this question in the first place?

Because this is the most misunderstood part of an HTML website. And it is the thing many business owners simply ignore.

Here are 5 main benefits of writing regular posts on the blog that is included with your website purchase.

  1. Regularly providing fresh content gets higher Google ranking
  2. It is free advertising
  3. You brand your business and help customers remember you.
  4. It's an easy way to offer discounts and coupons.
  5. You build customer trust by sharing tips or other helpful information that customers love to receive.

Understanding Google ranking - most sites are built with an HTML structure.  Unless you are proficient in HTML code, once your site is designed and set up, it is considered a static site and not conducive to adding content.

But Google ranks a site higher if they provide fresh content on a regular basis.  This is the magic of blog posts.  And when you really absorb this value, you will find ways to create a variety of blog posts. The effort you put into this action will put your business ahead of your competition.  

Next, your blog is a free source of advertising.  Use it to brand your business - to stay in front of your customers.  

Offer tips and helpful information that builds customer trust. They will appreciate the extra value you provide and remember you.

Share upcoming sales and promotions; offer coupons and discounts- it builds customer anticipation for the opportunity to buy what they need and save money at the same time.

Use storytelling.  Pay attention to all the online ads that are based on a story.  Why are there so many ads based on stories? Because they work.

Most important, keep your posts informative, newsy, of interest - not salesy.

If you find the subject of regularly writing something daunting, then bookmark us and return often, because we will be sharing lots of writing ideas and thought starters to get you motivated. You will find them right here under the local marketing category.